Custom-Built Wall Unit: A Permanent Space Saving Solution

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Look all around you. Is your room disorganized and cluttered? Do you have generous wall space? If so, you can envision all of the endless possibilities that comes with a custom-built wall unit. Not only will it help rid all the clutter in your room, but it will help organize your home as well.

Storage is a common problem for most homeowners, but with effective and clever built-ins, organization is a no-brainer. Because a custom-built wall unit is unique to each space, it will not let any square inch of your home go to waste. They can turn empty, unused space into inspiring home offices, drawers, shelves, or even entertainment centers.

A custom-built wall unit becomes an extension to your home that adds value and functionality.
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With so many walls in our home’s common areas, blank walls can seem very blah. A great solution to that unused or not-so-well used space is to have a custom-built wall unit installed to fill out the wall and add beauty and functionality to an otherwise generic space.
A custom built-in wall unit comes in many forms, including:
  • An entertainment center;
  • A custom bookcase;
  • A mudroom for extra storage;
  • A wardrobe for when you don’t have a closet.
Custom design and attention to detail allows for the perfect space solution for any part of your home – from the mudroom to the bedroom, and beyond.

Space-Expanding Capabilities are Endless

Use them for clothing, books, linens and supplies, a custom-built wall unit provides an incredible amount of storage space, featuring cabinetry, materials and details that enhance any room. A custom-built wall unit will:
  • Fit perfectly in many different spaces, including an odd-shaped alcove, a stairway wall, underneath and around windows and anywhere else you have extra wall space;
  • Built with precision and craftsmanship, a custom wall unit acts as a focal point of the room;
  • Add significant storage to any area.
If you are looking for furniture to fit a particular space that has a practical need, a custom-built wall unit is the way to go.

A Built-In Storage Solution

Store-bought units can be of good quality, but they never fully use every inch of space provided for a truly custom look.  A custom-built wall unit is a permanent solution to all of your storage woes.
Nothing puts your square footage to better use than a custom-built wall unit. 

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